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  • EPS (Extruded Polystyrene) - entry level

    This is the basic and cheapest core, it is stiff and quite water resistant however it lacks full recoil and foam memory (ie: under severe stress it can crease). An EPS bodyboard core can be improved through the addition of a stringer. Being lightweight and cheaper, these cores are good for beginners and casual riders

  • PE (polyethylene) - mid level

    This is an open-cell core that delivers improved surfing outcomes. PE has significantly improved flexibility and memory, so can handle advanced bodyboarding and larger waves. PE boards benefit from having at least 1 stringer (2 stringers is probably better for an advanced surfer). These are value for money boards, they are a little heavier than EPS and PP but will give the best performance/price outcomes available in Bodyboarding

  • PP (polypropylene) - Best

    The best bodyboard core. Lightweight, dense, and the greatest memory/recoil. Almost all PP boards now are beaded foam making the core water resistant. PP bodyboards are the fastest, strongest and highest performing boards - they are also the most expensive.